The top destinations in America for holiday makers – Travel Weekly

US based holiday experts Family Destinations Guide have used Google search data to determine the top American holiday destinations with Las Vegas taking the top spot.

The data highlights which major US city each state wants to spend their summer holiday, based on the annual search volume for vacation-related terms across each state.

The research revealed that Las Vegas takes the crown as the most popular vacation in America, the most searched-for in six states, including California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah. Across the country, Americans search for words associated with Las Vegas vacations an average of 1.9 million annually, placing the Nevada city firmly in the top spot.

New York City is ranked second, as one of the most famous cities in the world, many Americans and international tourists visit New York City to take in the city’s iconic sights, and it is the most sought-for vacation in five states overall. Searches for vacation-related terms to New York City receive a combined annual average of 1.4 million searches across America.

New York, United States – December 31, 2011: Fireworks and confetti display as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve in Time Square in 2012

The study placed Miami as the third most popular vacation destination in the country. With tropical weather all year round and stretches of sandy beaches to enjoy, it’s no surprise that searches related to vacationing in Miami receive a combined total of 1,039,120 million searches annually.

Ranking in fourth place is San Diego. With some of the best beaches and parks in the country, the Californian city ranked highly due to Americans searching for San Diego vacations a combined average total of 1,026,800 times annually, including search terms such as, ‘San Diego vacations’ and ‘Airbnb San Diego ‘.

Chicago ranks as the fifth most popular destination in America. With its bold architecture and impressive skyline, Chicago is the perfect city for a short break and receives an average of 958,220 searches annually for vacation-related terms. Search terms such as ‘Chicago cheap flights’, ‘hotels in Chicago’, and ‘flights to Chicago’ were analyzed.

CHICAGO – ILLINOIS: MAY 9, 2018: Tourists visit Cloud Gate in Millennium Park in the late afternoon.

The top 10 most popular vacation destinations in America are rounded out by Nashville ranking in sixth place, Orlando in seventh, followed by New Orleans, San Francisco, and Boston in eighth, ninth, and tenth, respectively.

A spokesperson for Family Destinations Guide commented on the study, “With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time for Americans to start planning their summer vacations and this research provides a valuable guide into where each state wants to vacation to the most. summer.

Known as the entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, nightlife, and world-class shows, so it comes as no wonder that so many Americans are looking for vacations to Las Vegas to blow off some steam. Vegas visitors are spoiled for choices for things to do, from strolling The Strip to exploring the nearby natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.”

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