The World’s Best Destinations For Senior Travelers

Nine of the top 10 best travel destinations for senior citizens are in Europe, a new study reveals.

The study by travel insurance company InsureMyTrip ranks Istanbul, Turkey, No. 1. Istanbul’s economic center, which includes banks and corporations, is in Europe, while one-third of the city’s population, according to the World Atlas, lives in Asia.

Other European cities in the top 10 for seniors are No. 2 Athens, Greece; No. 3 Rome, Italy; No. 5 Tallinn, Estonia; No. 6 Vilnius, Lithuania; No. 7 Prague, Czech Republic; No. 8 Riga, Latvia; No. 9 Berlin, Germany, and No. 10 Helsinki, Finland. The only non-European city in the top 10 is No. 4 Bangkok, Thailand.

InsureMyTrip’s study of the best destinations for seniors is based on eight criteria: quality of things to do, ease of walking, access to healthcare, number of senior tours, public transport, peacefulness, population density and average population age.

Istanbul received high scores for quality of things to do, ease of walking, peacefulness and healthcare.

Tallinn may be one of the least familiar destinations for American travelers. It scores highly for quality of things to do and ease of walking.

The least suitable city for senior travelers is Antwerp, Belgium. It scored well for quality of things to do and peacefulness but poorly for healthcare and senior tours.

San José, Costa Rica, and São Paulo, Brazil, are, consecutively, the second and third worst cities for senior citizens. San José’s walkability is among the worst in the study because of its rugged, hilly terrain.